i miss u


maybe it’s the question, maybe it’s the answer
i don’t know the reason now
and maybe it’s your eyelids, maybe it’s the moonlight
but something beautiful sticks out

and i’m in my bedroom, watching through the window
stare at the sunlight, wonder where the time is going
you’re in the bathroom
crying with your shirt undone
now we’re on the freeway, speeding past a cop car
stole your mom’s van, and took it for a test drive
and you’re sat in the backseat
looking at your best friend’s hair

i wanna be more than a cheat day in your diet plan
you can be the lungs, baby, i can be the diaphragm
just breathe, just breathe, and you’ll be fine
just breathe, just breathe, it happens all the time

Source by atlas

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