Ep. 05 – Pianist Holly Roadfeldt

I chat with pianist Holly Roadfeldt about playing technique, performing with wind bands, the love of the instrument, and much, much more! Check out her website and latest CD, The Preludes Project, at the links below. You can also connect with Holly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HRoadfeldt


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Pigmalião @ Red Light Radio June 9th 2017

This is a recording done @ Red Light Radio featuring 59 minutes of a fine selection of released and unreleased tracks.


Lucy Patané & Marina Fages – Botánico
M.RUX – La Partida
Kurup – Minguante (Pigmalião Remix)
KUSHT – City Birds (Pigmalião Remix)
Kusht – A Tale of a new Earth
NILLO & Sentidor – Montanha (Sainte Vie’s Perspective)
Mop Mop – The Barber feat. Anthony Joseph
Territorio Comanche Ft. Puloy – Cumbia Resistencia (Pigmalião Remix)
Saint Tropez – Belle De Jour (Pigmalião Live Edit)
Pigmalião – El Camino Para Zaña
Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem (Pigmalião Live Edit)
Teta Lando – Irmão Ama Teu Irmão (Pigmalião Live Edit)

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TRACK PREMIERE: Peter Gregson – The Day Before

Aside from working on film and video game music (his credits include solo cello performances on numerous titles, such as Wonder Woman, Sherlock, Unforgotten, Churchill, and even Terminator Genisys), Peter Gregson, quietly working with his cello in a room at Air Studios, produced not one, but two separate EPs – “Quartets: One” and “Quartets: Two”. I am honored to present you today with a track premiere from the first volume, titled “The Day Before”. Close your eyes, listen to this piece, and you will know why Gregson, his cello, and indeed, the culmination of both into this music, is the reason for my excitement for this upcoming work. Simply gorgeous, with no need for further words…

“Quartets: One” is due to be released on July 7th and is available for pre-order here: http://hcdi.gs/2sdFFNj

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