Resurrected Breaks [DJ Grade-E] – Orlando Old School Tribute

A tribute CD I did to the legendary clubs of Orlando from the early 90’s. This is the breaks mix.
Some People have been asking for a full tracklisting so here it is. I didn’t realize how many DJ Icey tracks I used in this set. Icey has Orlando roots so it only seems appropriate. 🙂

1. Mix Factory – Take Me Away 
2. Liquid – Sweet Harmony (DJ Icey Mix)
3. Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out.
4. Two Bad Mice – Bombscare (DJ Icey 407 Mix)
5. Rhythm Quest – Closer to all your dreams (Hibrid Mix)
6. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
7. Dj Icey – Tricks Theme
8. FPI Project – Come on and Do it (Mothers At Work Remix)
9. Flipped Out – Everyone is Somebody
10. Rhythm Section – Comin On Strong
11. Boston Bruins – Raiser Your Hans (DJ Icey 407 Mix)
12. DJ Icey – Brr Brr Go
13.  Dubtribe – Mother Earth
14. God Within – Raincry
15.  Red Seal – Freak Me
16. Baby D- Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Source by Grade-E