Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Original)

The oldest track I have uploaded so far. I recorded “Schall” back in 1995…I stopped playing it (the original version) a long time ago but last weekend I did play it again and to my amusement and utter disbelieve – it went down in a storm. Nice one. So I thought some of you might like to find it it here…
PS: The vocal is sampled from “Adonis – Acid Pokin'” and I have no idea what it says!

Source by Thomas Schumacher

Umek – Work This Data

“Work This Data” is Umek’s follow up single to his highly successful tune “You Might Hear Nothing” which topped the Beatport Techno charts and hit the Main Top 10, becoming one of the Top 50 Best-Selling tracks in 2009!

“Work This Data” is the perfect tune to drop into your sets and instantly turn up the club energy!

Source by UMEK