Downtempo Triphop mix – Alchemixed

A downtempo triphop mix of nice mellow tracks faded into each other. This one has a complex mix of layers over it. It has many layers of mixes over each other. first the music layer, with all the tracks on it. Then another mix of the sound of Shri Yantra, the sound vibrations of the color spectrum, the recordings of the voyager I and II space probes, and the healing Solfeggio tones. Then a third layer of glitchy effects done live over the mix, nature samples, and recordings of whales & dolphins.

Theses Alchemixed mixes are intended to relax the listener and create a space of openness to be able to recieve the tones and frequenceies layed within. It is not beat matched but faded, and serves as helping mask the tones and frequencies played over the music. It’s over 60mins long and has color frequencies through the spectrum of deep red, orange,yellow, green blue, indigo, violet, pink, and magenta, then slowly passing back down to the deep red again. It also has the 18 overtones and under tones of the solfeggio tones and sweep from the lower frequencies into tha highest then back down again.

Source by Alchemixed

My Definition of Chill Vol. I
Summer is here and the time is right for… chillin’ with my new mix. Decidedly non-club oriented. Some of these songs I’ve collected over the years and keep coming back to. Not to denigrate other downtempo mixes, but I can only listen to Kruder & Dorfmeister so many times before it’s time for something different. So I made this mix for me, but I hope you enjoy it too.

Source by deckard-dj

Paint by BPM

A mix made winter 06 with visual artists in mind. Hiphop, downtempo, breaks and movie quotes.

Sound Providers vs Common – “The Prisoner’s Light” (dj limbs mashup)

Lefto & Krewcial ft Dee Ferguson – Was it?

Slum Village – Player (instrumental)

Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Jay Dee Remix)

Jermajesty – Nothing like Bomb Music from the West

The Earl – Live in Technicolor

Danny Hybrid – A Wild Mad Beat

MHE vs Edan and Percee P – “Torture Chamber 001″ (dj limbs mashup)

Natural Self – The Sound

Red Astaire – Follow Me (with dj limbs on the cuts)

3 Foot People – Zodiac

Tommisparxxx Soulz – Misery

Platinum Pied Pipers ft. Tiombe Lockhart – Stay With Me

Danny Hybrid – Green Groove

Atmosphere vs Jay Z – “God’s Moment of Clarity” (dj limbs mashup)

Source by DJ Limbs