Far Out (Prod. By Sugar Hollows)

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Hope you enjoy this weird track I did with the yung Sugar Hollows

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all i do is win homie yeah u know i’ve been a winner
get ur girl cuz she playing with me like a fidget spinner

rubbing on the wood, watch out baby u might get a splinter
and the tahoe wasnt really big enough so im saving up to go get a sprinter

so fuck all u haters and everything that u stand for
u so so so late on ur rent….and guess who the fuck is the landlord

guess who the fuck is in charge now
popping the lids off my jars now

smoking that shit that be making me feel like im outta space feeling far out


man im so far out
guess who in charge now
yeah im so far out
popping lids of my jars now

verse 2

probably with Melanie..comitting a felony
i feel like bill bellamy, she hit with the booty call theres no telling me
that she aint around me for status
that she aint around me for my cash

i might just stick around but just for a second to get a glimpse of that ass

hold up baby hold up baby, work
feeling, like, i , gotta, go to, church

i could, pick ur, girl up, with a, verse
hit the, mall, and get that, chick a, purse

said she dont smoke but i smoke
its all good ill just pass to my bros

take a trip and go splash in the coast
question life cuz my passion the most man i just wanna ghost

man i just want me a mansion with unlimited expansion
want a girl in every room thats just dancing
waiting on me to come and take my chances

like come on baby, come and, throw that, money
blow it, like a, joke but it aint, funny

packed my, bags, im headed, where its, sunny
with a honey who like counting hunnids

Source by kevin flum

Burn (Prod. Kojo a.)

“Burn” 🕯
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Prod, Mixed & Mastered by @kojomakesmusic
Recorded @hardpink

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u give me stupid answers
u give me simple terms
u tell me silly reasons
u tell me im absurd
u give no motivation
u give no wiser words
u tell me to be patient
u tell me i will burn

why’s it gotta be like this?
why’s it gotta be like you don’t care
yeah you don’t care
she sleeps in the hallway
you don’t care
she weak in the brain
it’s not a fake out
i watch it take tolls
she finds a way out
u left her more holes
i wish for ways i
could help her break falls
but im not naive
i don’t wanna waste my
time with a wish for the best
im at a loss and i wouldda got obsessed
i wanna call wanna visit but im lost in the pit of my stomach
and i couldda been involved
you didn’t make it anything i would consider worth it
you didn’t make it anything reminiscent of purpose
you didn’t give a reason i’m willin to see
as anything other than people callin, but never gettin service
they would tell me “oh no he’s
back there doin what he do”
i wish i could hope that’s true
but it’s not in the cards of the hand from the deck i drew,
i’m not fooled by the wish for truth,
yeah i’m not cool with the push to assume
and i don’t buy this bit about u on a break
nah, stop fuckin around

u give me stupid answers
u give me simple terms
u tell me silly reasons
u tell me im absurd
u give no motivation
u give no wiser words
u tell me to be patient
u tell me i will burn

they said i’m in denial and it comes from anger
but it’s not like that youre just a stranger
yeah not like that you’re just a stranger
i was at peace with it a long time ago
i would make a leap but then i paused and wrote
wander (bit.ly/wanderjahn),
and i walked alone thru the cave,
eyes open and i could taste, yeah,
anything i couldn’t find
in the bitter bit of my
soul, brain or mind or anything it means
i’m not down with the drug nah
even gettin sober — it’s not enough to rid the pain
i’m filled with hate and filled with lies
and filled with bait to bite on prolly why i write
“oh why? oh why?”
i’ll admit the thought to ask is still inside
even if

we think of stupid answers
we think of simple terms
we make up silly reasons
we make it feel absurd
we got no motivation
we got no wiser words
they tell me to be patient
for now i watch her burn

Source by Jahn Rome

Maverick Soul – Summer Nights

We are more than happy to bring you this powerful & soulful exclusive track from the amazingly talented producer,Maverick Soul!

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, this jazz training pianist is incredibly versatile and has been producing soulful sounds for the last two decades in the east coast underground scene.
He signed exclusively with the London label @emceerecordings specialized in drum & bass & Jungle music, that’s why you will very rarely see releases from him on other labels/collective.
So it’s a real privilege for us to bring you “Summer Nights”
A perfect track to chill on this sunny Sunday, a neat and powerful production that will delight your ears, we’re pretty sure about that!

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Artwork by @jvkeclarke

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Source by Only Good Vibes

Summer Seventeen

Summer Seventeen

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– Produced by JP Soundz
– Mixed and Mastered by YF JR
– Written and Composed by YF JR
– Artwork by YF JR


Contact/Bookings: officialyfjr@gmail.com

Source by YF JR

Sydnee B – Live L.I.F.E

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