Ghost & Kozmos – Tetris Theme [Electro Swing Remix]

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. This remix may have been influenced by a little bit of jazz.

Enjoy this remix by me and Kozmos. 🙂

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I made the art.
Tempo: 128 BPM

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Disclaimer: A remix of the theme song from a game called Tetris by Nintendo.

Source by The Musical Ghost


Anyways, what’s the deal with existing as a physical entity?

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Thanks to @damnitjustin for the collab <3 [ad_2]
Source by Sean Pou

Ownglow X Dilemma – Mercy Feat. Courtney Odom [Bassrush Premiere]

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Available June 16 via Hospital Records.

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Joseph Shabason – “Aytche”

Title track from Joseph Shabason’s debut Aytche available August 25th from Western Vinyl

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Joseph Shabason

Saxophonist and composer Joseph Shabason’s debut Aytche builds a bridge off of the precipice his forbears established, skirting jazz, ambient, and even new age with the same deliberate genre-ambiguity that made their work so interesting.

Aytche is a document of exploration both inward and outward. Every step taken in sound-design mirrors a stride in emotionality, as Shabason employs a variety of effect pedals to coax rich moody textures from his instrument. He explains, “I feel like robbing the sax of the ability to shred by effecting it and turning it into a dense chordal instrument really helps the instrument become something that it’s not usually known for.” Aytche deals with themes of degenerative illness and assisted suicide with eloquence that instrumental music rarely achieves regarding any subject, much less such difficult ones.

Album highlight “Westmeath” approaches Aytche’s subject of inspiration head-on. Here, the album’s only verbalization appears in the form of an interview with a man discussing his father’s trauma and eventual suicide after surviving the holocaust. Though we only hear a few obscured words and phrases from the interview, the impact is powerful. For Shabason, whose grandparents survived the holocaust, this selection is anything but frivolous.

Source by Western Vinyl