Maybe ft. SLCHLD (prod. kane)

작곡 편곡. kane – @kaneakadair
작곡 작사. SLCHLD @seoulchild & Rheehab
믹싱 & 마스터링. Rheehab
커버. @goldfish_girl

넌 이뻐

넌 이뻐
감정을 읽고

빠져든게 아니라면
그건 솔직히 거짓말
(만나서 행복해)
종일 네 매력에
빠져서 헤엄해

뭘 해도좋아
baby i’m down for you
시간이 지나갈때
너만 바라봐

maybe girl
너를 좋아해

나는 딴 여자말고
너만 원해

단한번도 한눈판적없어

blinded by your lust
I’m so easily fooled
사실 다 아는걸
입에 다 써져있는걸
you’re my only one baby
말이 좀 심해서 미안해
I can’t keep on loving you
when you always asking
if I got another girl
oh baby
너 하나뿐인걸
oh baby
믿어주면 안되나요
forever young until we die
from all this love

Pre & H

너만 보여
you know it
색을 완성해줘
언제든지 call me

너만 보이네
한번도 이런적이 없지


Source by rheehab

Sivz – Night Mix / 01

Welcome to our latest mix series and in this mix series we introduce @sivzmusic from Vancouver Canada. Who is also responsible for opening sets for some of the most influential people in the industry like @claptone , @kidnap_kid , @shibasan and many more…

For the next 60mins she will be playing what she describes as ,”If Dirtybird & Defected Had a Baby”.

Sound. Style. Soul.

Tracklist :
1. Who Do You love (Full Intention Remix) – Soul Asylum
2. The Boy is Mine Feat Alexander Prince (Mark Lower Remix) – Ben Delay
3. Show Me (Club Mix) – After 6, Ryan Blyth, Malisha Bleau
4. Eyes of a Stranger (Extended Mix) – I Know Karate
5. Roll Up (Original Mix) – The Beatangers
6. Projection (Original Mix) – Dosem
7. Feel The Love (Original Mix) – LOVRA
8. Simple Girl Feat. Elle Wolf (Original Mix) – Diana Boss
9. We Movin’ (Original Mix) – Sivz, Shane Patrick Riley
10. The Sleaziest (Original Mix) – Frey
11. TV (Original Mix) – Sion
12. Jelly (Original Mix) – Sion
13. Got Yo Back (Original Mix) – Sivz, Shane Patrick Riley
14. Like You D4 (Original Mix) – Ghostea
15. Street Drummer (Original Mix) – Ghostea

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Soundcloud : @sivzmusic
Instgram :
Facebook :

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