Pigmalião @ Red Light Radio June 9th 2017

This is a recording done @ Red Light Radio featuring 59 minutes of a fine selection of released and unreleased tracks.


Lucy Patané & Marina Fages – Botánico
M.RUX – La Partida
Kurup – Minguante (Pigmalião Remix)
KUSHT – City Birds (Pigmalião Remix)
Kusht – A Tale of a new Earth
NILLO & Sentidor – Montanha (Sainte Vie’s Perspective)
Mop Mop – The Barber feat. Anthony Joseph
Territorio Comanche Ft. Puloy – Cumbia Resistencia (Pigmalião Remix)
Saint Tropez – Belle De Jour (Pigmalião Live Edit)
Pigmalião – El Camino Para Zaña
Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem (Pigmalião Live Edit)
Teta Lando – Irmão Ama Teu Irmão (Pigmalião Live Edit)

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