Senior Voice Recital – Olivia Cross, soprano. Highlights.

Hello, all! I finally graduated from college with a BM in Music Theory. Going to be getting back into composing and releasing music soon, but I thought I’d share some highlights of my voice recital, which I gave on May 7, 2017. I’d love to hear feedback 🙂 Program is as follows:
0:00-1:22 Je Veux Vivre from Romeo et Juliette
1:23-2:06 The Flower Duet from Lakme
2:07-4:21 The Doll Aria from The Tales of Hoffman
4:22-5:10 Ave Maria by Charles Gounod set to J. S. Bach
5:11-6:20 Tecum Principium by G. F. Handel
6:21-7:33 Ach Ich Fuhls from The Magic Flute
7:34-10:50 Matern Aller Arten from The Abduction of Seraglio
10:51-11:47 Weep O Mine Eyes ft. Melodia
11:48-13:55 Trinity 18 ft. Melodia
13:56-end Vocalise by Rachmaninoff
Thanks for listening!

Source by Olivia Cross

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