This is a voice memo I found from 2015. I was super proud of this song for the longest time and teased it on socials but never released the full version anywhere so, here it is for any of y’all that are interested in hearing the full thing!

Lyrics :

What’s always meant to happen
Is gonna find a way
Even if you don’t want it to
It’s all down to your reaction
And what you say
When you’re the one that has to lose

Just like taylor did
I knew you were trouble, love
I guess I admit
I didn’t run from you fast enough

You were a storm warning
A flight risk from the start
I saw the clouds forming
When you found me in the dark
Should’ve known better than to trust in you
‘Cause I know what boys like you do
Good girls always think bad guys can change
But you can’t stop the rain

A good heart will never stay
In perfect form
It’s a matter of time
Till the colors start to fade
From loves storm
And it washes it blind

When you’re blinded by the sun
That you see in pretty words
It becomes so hard to run
Far from hearts that only hurt


A new days always gonna come around
Whatever goes up will always come down
A heart that beats is gonna learn to take
The beating that comes along with heartbreak


Source by Laura Zocca

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