Ofay & JB Thomas – Digitally Imported Exclusive MTG Mix

This is a MTG on Digitally Imported Exclusive.
During a mad three-day Orlando weekend of club-rockin’
& remix release parties, Ofay & JbThomas retired back
to The Slamma Jamma Crew’s CFL Head Quarters & threw down
some filty ghetto heat between 6-8AM.
((BASS)) – ((BREAKS)) & ((BOOM))

OFay (Ghetto Style Recordings)
SC: soundcloud.com/lab3-ofay

Lab3&OFay – My Precious (Ghetto Style (K5 Orignial)
Lab3&OFay – One Fresh Zone (Ghetto Style Icey The One Orignial)
Lab3&OFay – Merlyns Magic (merlyns bring your luv)
Lab3&OFay – Freaks in the bump (bump in the night bahamut Orignial)
Lab3&OFay – Philious (Ghetto Style Phil Collins Orignial)
Lab3&OFay – EJ Last Stand (Ghetto Style)
Lab3&OFay – Anjelina Released Me (Ghetto Style)
Lab3&OFay – Open The Envelope (Ghetto Style Electronic Love – Envelope)
Lab3&OFay – Skool’d Demons (Stanton Warriors Orignial)
Lab3&OFay – OBE (Ghetto Style RITM Orignial)
Icey – Peanut Butter Jelly Remix Galantis Orignial)
Stanton Warriors – Shake That Ass Girl
Chris Lake – Changes (Scratch-D & B-Minus VIP REMIX)
Lab3&OFay – Get It Girl
D-Bass – Show Me What You Got (Stanton Warriors Edit)
Hybrid – Unfinished Symphony (Ghetto Masterpiece Theatre)

JB Thomas
SC: soundcloud.com/shart-alec
FB: www.facebook.com/DjSharted

Frank Royal – Bass Runner
Calibre 7.62 – Alligator Base
KL2 & Flashback – Shaka Funka
Dmoney – Bass In Your Town
Nosk – M.O.B.
Lkiser – Chopped & Busted (JBThomas VIP Boot)
JBThomas – BDP Stop The Violence (Criminal Minded Remix)
Wuki – Lip Pop (Bradley Drop Remix)
Aylen – Move Up
Frank Royal – Higher
Face & Book – Texas
Beatslappaz – The Drop (VIP JB’s B&E)
Bubble Couple – Boom To The Fair
Opus III – Fine Day (Phat Kidz Remix)
Phat Kidz – Fubar (NeuroziZ & G$Montana Remix)
Bliss – Connection (Teaza)

Source by Ghetto Style Recordings

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