3LAU – On My Mind (NuBass Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

⚠ 3LAU – On My Mind (Nu Bass Remix) ⚠ Got this in the demo mailbox a few weeks ago and just had to snap it up! These London-based scoundrels have cooked up a dirty twist of 3Lau’s “On My Mind”, and it hits the house & bass spot pretty nicely.
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A few years ago, a movement emerged within House music aiming to bridge the gap between the hardcore House connoisseurs and the more fun-loving, passionate crowd that the scene began to attract. What followed was a massive flux of music and a new style of dancing that together did exactly this. What exactly was so different in these tracks? It’s hard to say. But you can spot them from a mile away. And on this channel, we will deliver these delicious numbers and performances right to your screen.

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