NEST HQ MiniMix: Kid Froopy

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@KidFroopy is one of those artists you might’ve heard in passing, seen from somebody’s SoundCloud repost, or vaguely remember but can’t figure out why. He is, however, so much more than that once you take the time to really dig into his work. He might be an accidental find, but his value as a musician is only rising with each new release, like a bitcoin grown up to be worth a milliondollars. According to him, he makes songs for 🙂 and :'(.

We met up with Froopy last week for some Nashville hot chicken at Howlin’ Ray’s in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Sure, we waited in line for about an hour but it was totally worth it. We got to talking deeply about music, life, cryptocurrencies, and conspiracies. Check out his MiniMix for us this week while you read through the interview.

More Kid Froopy:

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