Molten Landscapes

This track came from a visual collaboration with a mathematical artist who works under the name Cornus Ammonis. He creates simulations of pattern formation, using ideas originally created by Alan Turing in his attempts to explain and model the mathematics of living systems. These systems create beautiful warping interacting layers of simulated substances, and we thought this visual effect could lend itself well to an imagined alien planetary surface with some unknown form of geological process – molten landscapes. You can see that here –

It’s a slowly evolving hypnotic visual process, so the music has the same form, with a repetitive syncopated two note motif playing under a gradually developing chord structure which becomes ever more layered. It’s all about atmosphere and sitting back to let it wash over I think, it’s not a sharply defined piece, and it needs to be given some time to develop, but hopefully the result is worth the time you give it.

I used my usual Prophet 8 for the chords, and then layered over some Absynth pads later on, with a Moog Sub 37 bass coming in much later for the main punctuation point, even though that’s a fairly subtle change, I love it when that rumbling low harmony finally arrives after you think it never will. I used some percussive sounds from Felix’s Machine’s sample pack for this, and plenty of semi-generative detailing with Max for Live tools mainly.

After Cornus Ammonis had created a load of stock video sequences using his models, I then passed the footage on to Morgan Beringer (who created the awesome Unbounded video from Emergence). Morgan applied his trademark processing style to the previously raw footage in order to blend and layer, and make the whole visual have a lot more smooth movement and rich organic feel. Sorry that’s not a very technical description of what he did, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean when you see it!

The artwork is by Colin Droz, using Chromosomal folding images created by Mikhail Spivakov, Csilla Varnai and Andy Lomas as part of the wider Chromos EP which this track is part of – links to the rest of the project here:

From the Chromos EP – released 26 May [MESH]
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Source by Max Cooper

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