Halcyon Days

Dutch sound artist and music producer Roger Martinez presents his downtempo project called “Horizontal Excursions”. After having released several full length albums, the project now lands at it’s perfect home, the ever cool and forward thinking Armadillo.

This is a very sophisticated EP, fusing depth and chilled vibes, with orchestral tendencies. Beautiful textures form across the 4 tracks, creating wonderful soundscapes, to help your mind float away. A real talent on show here, as these productions ooze class, and the subtleties are the tracks strengths here.

You could imagine ‘ARP Symphony’ played by an orchestra. ‘Dante’ is dreamlike and invites you into the world of nature’s more introvert realms. ‘Halcyon Days’ is a blissful chord laden slab of warmth and rounding off the EP ‘Stellar’ is a downtempo beauty with its gorgeous vocal samples.

Source by Armadillo Records

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