Human (Cover) feat Covex

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Antarctica doesn’t like being called a DJ. The dance music trailblazer from the other Dirty South rolls her eyes at the description, which she sees as a hopelessly outdated way of describing what she does. Dropping original icecap-melting bangers with great porpoise, she quickly commands any hemisphere with her cold synths and polar beats. While Antarctica has not yet confirmed her true identity, the most widespread speculation is that she is really a stack of young children under their parent’s trenchcoat. “I just want to make good music…that doesn’t require you knowing who I am.”

Featuring Colorado artist Covex on silky vocals, her first offering, a cover of Rag n Bone’s “Human” soars with joyful chords and plucked textures.

Source by ∆NT∆RCTIC∆

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