Meishi Smile ‘Angel’s Egg’ [off “Metempsychosis” – Out 6.27]

@MeishiSmile ‘Angel’s Egg’
off the compilation “Metempsychosis (Out 6.27)

Official Single Site / FANGRRLZ Zine:

“Metempsychosis” is a collaborative art book and compilation by FAKKU & Zoom Lens. Conceptualizing the philosophical narrative of the soul searching for new experiences without judgment, FAKKU & Zoom Lens have created a collaborative atmosphere where illustrators and musicians across the globe have paired up to create artwork and music representing each other’s own unique world.”

Artwork by FANGRRLZ

Pre-order “Metempsychosis” on vinyl at:

More info on art book / CD by FAKKU (NSFW / 18+) at

“Metempsychosis” Release Party & Art Show – July 2nd (Sunday)
feat. ANAMANAGUCHI, MEISHI SMILE, LLLL, The Bilinda Butchers + More
Tix Here:…ets-34451180408

Source by ZOOM LENS

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