Solyutesjy – Graciously EP [FD​-​DIG 001]

Solyutesjy ✨
Graciously EP [FD-DIG 001]

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1. Unostentatious
2. Spell One’s Way Through
3. World
4. Gloss

we are back we this new digital-series
hope you enjoy this trip with us.



Artworks by Elena Romenkova

Curated by Camilo Plata

Demos, questions, ideas, dreams

“それは優雅に泳ぐ金魚であり、それは華麗に舞う蝶であり、私たちはその音色に誘われ踊るのです。” —Iku

Special thanks to Iku for the patience
and Elena the compromise on this.

thanks for being part of this project
[disor””der]] ]] f ]]u]] ]t ]]ur]e]

Source by Future Disorder

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