DS034 – Evil Storm EP – Inc Promo Video


DS034 – Evil Storm EP – https://darkersounds.bandcamp.com/album/ds034-evil-storm-ep

1. Hefty & Noseda – Keep You Alive
2. Eugen Menjaev – Sick Rave
3. Noseda – Evil Storm
4. Heiko Naut – Osmosis
5. Klangtronik – Bad Tuesday
6. Champas – Besessen

Introducing DS034 – Evil Storm EP!!!

This heavyweight dark techno release features brand new Darker Sounds artists alongside established DS artists

This latest offering summons up the darkest techno from the underworld, hitting you with nasty distorted beats, driving percs and enveloping basslines…….

As always, Darker Sounds delivers the darkness…………

Art by M.R. Gonzo / www.voiealternative.com

Source by Darker_Sounds

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