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Hard-Techno Innovators PETDuo are celebrating 20 years with
their long-awaited debut album “METAL RAVE”.
The Berlin-based powerhouse is releasing their first full-length record on May 26th, 2017 via legendary dance label ZYX.

Over the course of 20 years, PETDuo has done the impossible. Not only did they establish a devout international following, the electronic team pioneered many of today’s popular Techno trends – all without releasing a proper full-length album. Now at the climax of their 20-year career, PETDuo are set to release their highly-anticipated debut record Metal Rave on May 26th, through legendary dance label ZYX.
Comprised of DJs and Producers David Merlino and Anne Gelfei (husband and wife), Metal Rave is a Hard Techno album where the clash between the two of PETDuo’s primary musical influences is shown: Heavy Metal and Rave Music. It’s an 11-track offering that fused the speed and energy of Metal with 90’s-inspired electronic beats.
From start to finish the album is a roller coaster of emotions. The title track “Metal Rave” sets the tone of what’s to come – tense and eerie with rolling bass, brutal guitars, and a devilishly seductive breakdown. The next track “Altered State” is more upbeat with a proper 90’s rave feeling – including a breakdown that harks back to the Jungle Breakbeat era, a sound used in many classic tracks from that time.
Others stand out tracks include “Master of Raves”, “The Healing”, “Atemlos” and “Nuclear Shower”. An epic 8 minutes track, “Master of Raves” is a highlight of the record – it
delves into a range of emotions to keep listeners on their toes. “The Healing” marks the middle of the album. Probably the shortest electronic music ever made: with just 0.9 seconds length, it also includes all elements of the whole concept of the record, to keep everyone raving and ready for what is still to come. “Atemlos” is raw and in-your-face and embraces a more punk-meets-hard-techno sound – a simple yet infectious guitar riff that duels with a fat stomping beat. “Nuclear Shower” is the album’s closer and one of the most intense songs of the record. It’s speed-driven and highly danceable. When the breakdown kicks in it recaps what the entire album is about – Metal, Speed, Fat Beats, Hard Techno and Rave. It’s pedal to the metal and rave to the grave.
PETDuo formed in 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They’ve toured all over the world and have made appearances at high profile festivals such as Love Parade, Awakenings, I Love Techno, MayDay, Monegros and Time Warp. They run their own recording studio and operate three separate record labels, Cause Records, Phonk! And D&A Music. Anne and David also host a party series and a weekly podcast dubbed “Hard Education”.

Metal Rave Track Listing:
01 – Welcome
02 – Metal Rave
03 – Altered State
04 – Master of Raves
05 – The Healing
06 – Borrachada
07 – Atemlos
08 – Boiling Brain
09 – Molecular Outflows
10 – Unicorns for Breakfast
11 – Nuclear Shower

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