leavin soon (Prod.MisterE)

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mama said , boy dont lose your patience
and though i switched up ,
swear that i aint leavin yet ,
everything that i believe’d in i could not forget ,
mama told me i would be the greates i aint changin soon ,
all i ever wanted was a play-in room ,
look ,
i just want my son to be the greatest ,
i just want my girl to look at me and say i made it ,
i just want the world to look at me appreciate my patience ,
everyday i try to be the greatest , chea ,
and i aint leavin soon ,
i swear that i love my city ,
i’ve been to cali south texas ive been the philly ,
i want to do these thing that i aint seen before ,
things that imma be for ,
but i aint fall before , look ,
and everyday i try though im gon’ live and strive ,
im gon’ live and learn ,
if its water take a dive ,
if its this take a dip i aint finna sip ,
if its a pill pop it out you aint finna trip ,
look ,
i took two tabs and i swear i saw death ,
i fell back once i couldnt call this ,
he told me ,
you gon die soon ,
just live it out ,
do what you can do with the time that i be givin out ,
i had my doubt ,
and then i look again ,
its just me my friends ,
and i cannot pretend ,
that i aint in pain ,
and life just aint the same ,
and though i look back cant reclaim ,
what i lost ,
all the feelins that i had
i aint a boss no ,
evertime i feel like i don’ lost hope ,
took to many l’s in my time ,
what the fuck ,
have i been workin at ,
cause i swear ,
i lost my map , and ,
i got no views ,
i got nothing to change because of you ,
swear ,
that my hard is really not the same ,
and my heart is pain ,
i just feel that this is walka flame ,
what the fuck can i say ,
and you could ,
let me go ,
let me be me ,
everyday nobody gon believe me ,
if i tell the truth of how i feel nobody care ,
but if i tell you that im poppin’ you gon be there ,
and if i tell you that i made you gon be there ,
and if you see me up on tv bet you call me ,
but you aint call me for nothing else ,
yea yea look ,

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