American Dream

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Post Production:

I wrote this song for my listeners in order to raise awareness about hip hop culture glamorizing sex, money, drugs and gang violence, which affects our youth. The youth look up to their favorite artists, believing and perceiving that the only way to get famous or faded is to be thugs and sell drugs. Enjoy (:

(Verse 1)
Uh huh
The kid with the gun, thinking about that thoo thoo
Hits with a stunt all that blunt talking soowoo
Who knew, little Johnny hiding his irregulars
17,500 take time for an amateur
An amateur, in adolescence
The damages coming out when he act pretentious
We take hits, it ain’t his fault
This our dream, we be making that call
And we stand by the homies
Plan on the man, get bands by the homies
My little homie turned into a man with some cronies
Hand on the gat, while the man holding cash
Hand on the aux with the man telling Johnny its good
You can rob him blind if you could
Pistol whip a motherfucker
And then ya ducking
Hiding from the 5, cause caught a body high
Now it’s, guilty by association
So sedated that motivation be running down south
An open station, and they’re related
Can’t you tell?
They look complacent, hiding by the wishing well
Can’t you tell?
I wish em well
Take pride in aiding all the violent tales
This the American Dream
So fuck the rest it’s just I and Me!

This the American Dream
Pussy, money, power with the shit that blings
This the American Life
All I ever need is that diamond ice!
This the American Face though
Everybody coming from an arrogant place, oh
Every body caught is a celebration
Cause every other cop out there celebrating, right?

(Verse 2)
Fuck no!
They out there risking their life
While every other hustler be out there taking a life
This little boy thinking about gangs making him famous
Momma deep in that debt, he wanna get out the basement
Face it, we backing up a culture
That’s gang affiliated taking pride like the vultures
Yeah I said it
We fucking up our youth with our finger pressing
I will surely take my time cause that shits depressing

Yo, Fuck all that gang-banging shit
Why can’t you jump on a different ship, homie
Real music is too rare
It’s like sex money and drugs is all fella need
But nah… It’s really not, there’s more to life

Source by Shadi

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