Lexer – Reason (Gabriel Ananda Remix)

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(…) Im groben und ganzen habe @lexer knapp zwei Jahre an den Werken von “Against The Current” gesessen: „Also März 2015 kam mein erstes Soloalbum, und danach ging es schon direkt los für das nächste Album.“ Im vergangenen Jahr machte der Produzent endlich seinen Tauchschein: „Eine Prüfung bestand darin, gegen die Strömung zu tauchen. Die Prüfung habe ich bestanden und einen tollen Namen für das jetzige Album gefunden.“ (…) Die erste Single, „Eagle Eye“ mit Fran, erschien vor ein paar Wochen, jetzt folgt eine clubbigere Auskopplung mit Remixen von @gabrielananda und @township-rebellion sowie einer Acoustic-Version mit Fran. „Der Track heisst „Reason“, und ich wollte unbedingt den Leuten vorab schon was hörbares bieten, ganz klar“, so Lexer. (…)

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Arrow Of Time

Music by Takuma Itoh
Performed by Alarm Will Sound
Live at the Mizzou International Composers Festival, July 30, 2016

“Arrow of Time” is a concept that time must flow in the direction from the past towards the future, always moving from order to disorder (entropy). The title works on several levels in the piece. First is that there is a sense of an ever-increasing amount of disorder that is present throughout the piece. Several times throughout the piece, a small number of instruments begin playing in one tempo, followed by other instruments entering in conflicting tempos that do not line up with one another. As more layers stack up, each with a slightly different tempo, it creates an increasingly chaotic texture – one that will not be played the same twice in performance. That the chaos is initiated by manipulating the tempo – or “time” – further reflects the title. In addition, the notation of the piece includes many arrows to facilitate the multiple tempos that occur in the piece.

–— Takuma Itoh

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Owt’s Podcast 070 – Violent Blondes


1 Various Artist – Lake Wave
2 Metronomes – LuV
3 Violent Blondes – Where Are You Going
4 Oscar Mulero(Shifted Remix) – False
5 Moving Thoughts – Psilocybine
6 Jeroen Search – Reduced External Awareness
7 Violent Blondes – Rollin’ Rave
8 Fiedel – Track 432
9 Violent Blondes – Unsteady Eddie
10 Remco Beekwilder- Human Mind
11 Violent Blondes – Rude Girl
12 Gareth Wild – Decoder
13 Violent Blondes – Steroids in the Water
14 Amotik – Solah

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Far Out (Prod. By Sugar Hollows)

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Hope you enjoy this weird track I did with the yung Sugar Hollows

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all i do is win homie yeah u know i’ve been a winner
get ur girl cuz she playing with me like a fidget spinner

rubbing on the wood, watch out baby u might get a splinter
and the tahoe wasnt really big enough so im saving up to go get a sprinter

so fuck all u haters and everything that u stand for
u so so so late on ur rent….and guess who the fuck is the landlord

guess who the fuck is in charge now
popping the lids off my jars now

smoking that shit that be making me feel like im outta space feeling far out


man im so far out
guess who in charge now
yeah im so far out
popping lids of my jars now

verse 2

probably with Melanie..comitting a felony
i feel like bill bellamy, she hit with the booty call theres no telling me
that she aint around me for status
that she aint around me for my cash

i might just stick around but just for a second to get a glimpse of that ass

hold up baby hold up baby, work
feeling, like, i , gotta, go to, church

i could, pick ur, girl up, with a, verse
hit the, mall, and get that, chick a, purse

said she dont smoke but i smoke
its all good ill just pass to my bros

take a trip and go splash in the coast
question life cuz my passion the most man i just wanna ghost

man i just want me a mansion with unlimited expansion
want a girl in every room thats just dancing
waiting on me to come and take my chances

like come on baby, come and, throw that, money
blow it, like a, joke but it aint, funny

packed my, bags, im headed, where its, sunny
with a honey who like counting hunnids

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