From our new EP, Art:Work, out now!


Build a house and
Buy a car and
Find a body that’s warm

Take that pill and
Fill those arms un
Til they’re tired and sore

I need this every now and then
I need this till I need again

Just when I’ve finally found that thing, that high, everything I was looking for
Just for a moment in time, I’m fine till the bells cry out cause I know in my core I want

Dress it up and
Paint it red and
Call it what you want

Hunger talks and
Hunger asks and
I cannot turn it off

It haunts me every now and then
But it holds me, till it hurts again

Written by ANIMA!
Produced, Mixed by Vicente Espi
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis, Sterling Sound

Source by ANIMA!

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