Sivz – Night Mix / 01

Welcome to our latest mix series and in this mix series we introduce @sivzmusic from Vancouver Canada. Who is also responsible for opening sets for some of the most influential people in the industry like @claptone , @kidnap_kid , @shibasan and many more…

For the next 60mins she will be playing what she describes as ,”If Dirtybird & Defected Had a Baby”.

Sound. Style. Soul.

Tracklist :
1. Who Do You love (Full Intention Remix) – Soul Asylum
2. The Boy is Mine Feat Alexander Prince (Mark Lower Remix) – Ben Delay
3. Show Me (Club Mix) – After 6, Ryan Blyth, Malisha Bleau
4. Eyes of a Stranger (Extended Mix) – I Know Karate
5. Roll Up (Original Mix) – The Beatangers
6. Projection (Original Mix) – Dosem
7. Feel The Love (Original Mix) – LOVRA
8. Simple Girl Feat. Elle Wolf (Original Mix) – Diana Boss
9. We Movin’ (Original Mix) – Sivz, Shane Patrick Riley
10. The Sleaziest (Original Mix) – Frey
11. TV (Original Mix) – Sion
12. Jelly (Original Mix) – Sion
13. Got Yo Back (Original Mix) – Sivz, Shane Patrick Riley
14. Like You D4 (Original Mix) – Ghostea
15. Street Drummer (Original Mix) – Ghostea

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JEZGRO001 – MRTVI – TIJERAZO MORTAL EP (Including Violet Poison Remix)

MRTVI (Huren)

B2. TIJERAZO MORTAL (Violet Poison remix)

Release date: 19th of September

The newborn EP on Jezgro is freshly delivered by the Huren’s new moniker MRTVI with additional remix from Violent Poison. The first track “IVUKTON” is a heavy atmospheric drone track, perfectly suited for the mornings after completely exhausting night, that will give you an inner balance. The second track “IBUKRON” is actually the track that was played the night before at a party that exhausted the shit out of you with it’s sci-fi sounds and thrilling pumping kicks, so is the third “TIJERAZO MORTAL”, the punchy noise track that slowly faded away in the dark corner of unrest. The forth track is the remix by Violet Poison of “TIJERAZO MORTAL” heavy armored mixture of EBM and industrial adulterants, known as Violet Poison’s personal artistic incuse, nuanced perfectly with distorted, screaming vocals.

Source by Jezgro

01 – Hoy – HEARTLESS

Audio Oficial de “Heartless” titulado “Hoy” del álbum “Resistir”
Sitio web:

Muéstrame como vivir
En un mundo donde el tiempo es una hoja sobre el mar
Donde las mentiras, las presiones crecen cada día más
Empieza a vivir ya

Me encontré a mi misma en un lugar
Donde tengo calma y libertad

Cual es la razón por la que no podemos confiar más
Todo el tiempo pretendiendo que todo se va a arreglar
Y por dentro estamos destrozados esperando un final
Vive hoy, mañana esperará.

Me encontré a mi misma en un lugar
Donde tengo calma y libertad
Mientras allá afuera todo se derribará
Encontré la manera de triunfar.

Productor: Guido Bronfman / Martín Nastri / Joana Diaz
Grabado en el estudio: El Castillo
Mezclado/Masterizado: Estudios PGM
Compositores: Joana Diaz / Ayelen Villanueva

Source by Heartlessofficial