3LAU – On My Mind (NuBass Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

⚠ 3LAU – On My Mind (Nu Bass Remix) ⚠ Got this in the demo mailbox a few weeks ago and just had to snap it up! These London-based scoundrels have cooked up a dirty twist of 3Lau’s “On My Mind”, and it hits the house & bass spot pretty nicely.
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☮ What is NU House? ☮

A few years ago, a movement emerged within House music aiming to bridge the gap between the hardcore House connoisseurs and the more fun-loving, passionate crowd that the scene began to attract. What followed was a massive flux of music and a new style of dancing that together did exactly this. What exactly was so different in these tracks? It’s hard to say. But you can spot them from a mile away. And on this channel, we will deliver these delicious numbers and performances right to your screen.

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Disco Killerz & Liquid Todd – Stellar Feat. Jimmy Gnecco (LT Radio Edit) OUT NOW on Armada Music

OUT NOW on Armada Music (under exclusive license from Crowd Records)



The second collaboration between Disco Killerz & Liquid Todd features the epic vocals of Ours singer, Jimmy Gnecco. Their last single, “Satisfaction” premiered on BetaBPM and just hit 1,000,000 plays on Spotify and was supported by DJ’s from Tiesto to 3LAU and publications such as Dancing Astronaut.

OUT NOW March 7th 2016 (2 Week Beatport Exclusive)

Out on @crowdartistmgmt ‘Crowd Records’

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Armada Night Radio 065 (3LAU Guest Mix)

Welcome to Armada Music’s very own radio show: ‘Armada Night Radio’. The all-inclusive format spans a broad spectrum of genres, ranging from deep house to progressive trance – and everything in between! The magical hour starts with 30 minutes of Armada, showcasing the newest tunes from our various imprints. After this, we hand over the decks for 20 minutes for an exclusive guest mix by the greatest artists out there. We close the hour with three hot tracks from our Armada Stream 40. In short, ‘Armada Night Radio’ is your weekly doses of ecstatic enjoyment!

Armada Night Radio Mix
01. Sailors – Let’s Go
02. Ray Fields – Night Time Nomads
03. Sebastien Drums & Niles mason – Paradise
04. MICAR – This Time It’s My Life (Deep House Mix)
05. DJ Antoine feat. Akon – Holiday (Calvo Remix)
06. Andrew Rayel feat. Jonny Rose – Daylight (Club Mix)
07. Alex Sonata – Siren
08. Sandro Silva x Dirtcaps – Someone Like U
09. Driftmoon feat. DSharp – Genesis
10. Ben Nicky – Red Alert

3LAU Guest Mix
01. SICK INDIVIDUALS & DBSTF – Waiting For You
02. Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (Dash Berlin Remix)
03. W&W – The One
04. Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz – Another You
05. Blinders feat. Charles – Always (3LAU Mix)
06. 3LAU feat. Emma Hewitt – Alive Again

Armada Stream 40 Top 3
01. #HIGHEST NEW ENTRY John Dahlbäck – Raven
02. #TUNE OF THE WEEK Suspect 44 feat. Rumors – Here Right Now
03. #1 Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy – Reality

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Alive Again (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Experimental Mix]

It would mean a TON to us if you could support the whole EP Here: bit.ly/AliveAgainEP_iT

The Alive Again EP tries something different; it’s my effort to highlight elements of musical composition in a genre that too often prioritizes “cool” or “catchy” sounds over musicality. Each version of Alive Again was created with different production techniques, different song-writing styles and thus, each strives to invoke a unique emotional response. We listen to different genres of music depending on our states of mind, so I wanted people to enjoy the song behind Alive Again across multiple moods. Whether you’re feeling energetic, chill, or need a dose of vulnerability, there’s always a version to listen to.

I’m looking forward to following this format for a lot of my future releases. Since my early mashup days I’ve always been fascinated by combinations, how different elements of different things could work together to create something new. The Alive Again EP is the evolution of that fascination that I have with sound. The concept of that in literature is called intertextuality – the idea that every creative concept is influenced by a variety of creative predecessors. I’m using it as a framework for everything I make moving forward, taking bits and pieces of musical influence from lots of different genres and injecting it in dance music.

More specifically to the Alive Again project, it was an honor to work with Emma Hewitt, as her voice has perfectly complimented some of the most beautiful dance records of our time. Her haunting tone really completes the soundscape of Alive Again, pulling heart strings and effortlessly enveloping listeners in the euphoric atmosphere of the record. I’ve always viewed myself as a musician first, a producer second, and a performer third; this is the beginning of a new chapter for me, where I’ll be doing more projects that showcase musicianship over anything else 🙂

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Alive Again (feat. Emma Hewitt)

Emma & I are extremely excited about this one. All of your support means SO much to us! Full EP coming July 20th

Support on iTunes: http://bit.ly/AliveAgain_iT

Always I’ve known that you were there,
I only had to find out where.

We have our own ways, our own signs to follow,
With different roads that lead us home.

And I feel you close, I’m alive again,
And it seems like home,
This is where the rainbow ends.

Footsteps I follow to your door,
We don’t need to talk anymore,
We have the same heart, the same mind, the same souls,
The distant lights lead us on, on.

I feel you close,
I’m alive again,
And it seems like home,
This is where the rainbow ends.

This is where we are now,
This is where the rainbow ends.

Source by 3LAU