disgust | live | Rezystor 20-05-17

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20-05-17 @ Arena Club

Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix)
Kwartz – Breakage (Exium Remix)
Uron – Hiperion (Endlec Remix V2)
SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Dinge Des Lebens (Dax J Version)
Sender Berlin – Zeitsignal
UVB – Join In The Ranks
Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)
Thomas Schuhmacher – When I Rock (Johannes Heil Remix)
Millimetric – Clipperton
Joyless – Swedish Sisters (UVB Remix)
Maelstrom – Peripheries
Fedeckx – Apophis
Inhalt der Nacht – Rausch
Anetha – Leftover Love
JKS – Smashed Pattern
Dax J – Reign of Terror
Mayeul – Suburban Resistance
Endlec – Time of the Wolf
Stranger – Dooklappgabber
Regis – Speak To Me
Clouds – Chained To A Dead Camel
Regression – Acid Wave (Rezystor Version)
Verschwender – The Social Anthem (Unreleased)
Rezystor – Inner Core (Unreleased)
Endlec – Disharmonic Life
Jeroen – Vespertine (Deniro Remix)
Stranger – Play Some Rave For Me
Interferon – Pharma Hex
Tafkamp – I Laf You
Jamie Bissmire – Number & Measure (Chris McCormack Remix)
JKS – Burnside
Radial – Revolver
Moby – Thousand
Johannes Heil – Paranoid Dancer
Rezystor – Chaos Theory (Unreleased)

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AC Slater & Shift K3y – Come Back (Out Now)

Available Now: http://smarturl.it/NBD042
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Night Bass label boss AC Slater teams up with Shift K3Y for the first collaboration between the two prolific producers. “Come Back” combines the deep driving Night Bass sound with Shift K3Y’s trademark soulful vocals. This one has been club tested around the world, radio tested on BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM, and it’s ready to roll.

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