Tom Garnett & Chris Lorenzo – Many Girls (Original Mix) [DEFECT006]

Production: Chris Lorenzo & Tom Garnett
Songwriter: Tom Garnett
Vocals: TBC
Remixes: n/a
Label: Domino Effect Records
Publishing: Domino Effect Publishing

After the massive success of Defect [Volume One] this highly anticipated next VA has been months in the making and has finally landed on Domino Effect Records.

A summer sampler that focuses slightly left of the norm for Domino Effect, with a much bigger focus on the vocals, and deeper sounds coming from all angles.

We’re very happy to bring this epic compilation and want to thank all involved for all their hard work and commitment to their music, all our artists are very talented producers and we wish them the best of luck in the future.

Thank You
Domino Effect

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Ste E Feat. Erika – Never Gonna (S. Jay & Ostertags Dub For Nuthin) Available Now!

Production: Ste E & S. Jay
Songwriter: Chrystal Orchard [Rogueheart]
Vocals: Erika Burtonwood
Remixes: S. Jay & Ostertag / Animist / Kane Towny
Label: Domino Effect Records
Publishing: Domino Effect Publishing

Domino Effect are very excited to bring you their very first original vocal, by Erika Burtonwood on this magnificent EP from Ste E, aptly titled the ‘Invade EP’… This artist has done just that, and we’re keeping him on board for good, this diverse and passionate artist from the UK has his sights set on making waves in the UK House & Garage scene and what better way to leave his mark than by creating a solid EP with some massive remixes from the Domino boys ‘S. Jay & Ostertag’, ‘Animist’ & ‘Kane Towny’…

Each remix brings a new perspective on this new original vocal written and performed by Erika.. From the bouncing original mix by Ste himself to the uplifting sounds of Kane’s huge piano breakdown, the grinding basses brought only by the exclusive Animist dub, and last but certainly not least – the S. Jay & Ostertag remix which pitch-plays the vocal into a mind bending groove with an awesome catchy bassline…

All this plus a re-release of Ste’s successful ‘Flirtin’ debut and an additional monster groover ‘Feed You’ all make this EP any DJ’s must have…

Thanks to all involved, and respect to the artists at Domino Effect.

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YuanFen – 187 (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD [DEFECT004.5]

Click FREE to download….


Prior to the forthcoming DEFECT005 release of ‘Ste E – Invade EP’, we are very excited to welcome YuanFen to the Domino Effect family, here is an awesome FREE remake of the legendary 187 Lockdown’s smash ‘Gunman’… A real garage flex brought down in tempo to warm up any club set this summer… YuanFen will be constructing an EP due out this year on the mighty Domino Effect imprint.. Keep your ears peeled for more work from this dynamic duo.. Enjoy! SJ&O x

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We Are Catchers – Isabella

‘Isabella’ is from We Are Catchers’s self-titled album ‘We Are Catchers’ out now.

We Are Catchers – ‘Isabella’
Buy We Are Catchers at iTunes –

Headlining this year’s Rough Trade stage at the renamed Camden Crawl, CC14, this will be We Are Catchers’ first performance in London. The set will be at The Enterprise on Saturday 21st June. With music as warm and understated as this, it’s sure to be a beautiful show. We Are Catchers has also announced sets at Green Man and the new Astral Coast festival.
Tripping across oceans of sound, We Are Catchers effortlessly melds the cascading melodies of the Pacific coast to the kind of stargazing melancholy that’s always haunted Liverpool’s greatest artists. As an album, it looks out from the Water’s Edge and dreams its way across seas and continents, traversing the invisible (but undeniable) pathways that connect the mid-west coast of England to the west coast of the USA.
A beautiful, timeless collection of songs, We Are Catchers (real name Peter Jackson) summons up the spirits of legendary Mersey beasts like Mick and John Head, the Crucial Three, Bill Ryder Jones, Lee Mavers and the Wild Swans whilst chiming gorgeously with dusty echoes of records by Brian Wilson and Arthur Lee. The aforementioned Bill Ryder-Jones also appears on the album, playing guitar.

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Kyle Watson – The Whip (Original Mix) [DEFECT001]

::::: Enter Domino Effect :::::

Launched in July 2013, this young and diverse label will showcase the future sounds of House & Garage, focused on uniting artists from all over the globe, Domino Effect will push the limits of its genre to new levels, capturing and exciting our fans worldwide.

In today’s world of digital music, where the majority of future talent goes unheard through being lost and submerged in a deep endless battle to be heard, we will spotlight some of the very best, cutting-edge young acts in dance music and allow them to surface with all the success they deserve…


Finally, were very proud to present, Kyle Watson!! Our South African veteran from Johannesburg.. His trademark sleazy bass productions have made an impact on the UK House scene since we can remember.. After his days of fidget and bass, he is now shining as an all round impressive House & Garage producer with a big future ahead of him. On this production ‘ The Whip’ he brings back a flavour of times past and combines it as he does best with todays trends. Definitely excited about this one!

Kyle Watson – The Whip (Original Mix)

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