Dream Catcher [Available on Spotify and Apple Music 🔥 ]

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you wanna go!
i tell these haters all to step the fuck away!
I said let’s go!
cuz you’re just standing in my mother fuckin way

y’all sittin in my way better back up
bout to have a bad day call it bad luck
I don’t call that shit fate call it fact bruh
anybody gettin in my way is getting jacked up

oh you think it’s too late?! think again bruh
everybody know my name when I step up
everybody know my name like a friend huh
have the people going insane by the end yuh

I’m not the type to take it nice and slow
I’m not the type to take the answer no
im not the type to quit and let it go
I’m my own dream catcher

Verse 2:

I wanna know
if you still think that you got what it fuckin takes
cuz if you don’t
then turn around and walk the other fuckin way

and I stay up late cuz I hate sleep
write words like you will never break me
write words like go ahead and hate me
you’ll be looking up one day at my stage see

I ain’t never givin up cuz I dont quit
I ain’t never givin up cuz I want this
I ain’t never givin up till I own it
got a couple mil cuz I’m working hard to grow it

I’m not the type to take it nice and slow
I’m not the type to take the answer no
im not the type to quit and let it go
I’m my own dream catcher

Source by NEFFEX

LIT [Available on Spotify and iTunes 🔥 ]

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Verse 1:

I’m just fucking lit man
I’m just fucking lit

drank a bottle of this shit man
bottle of this shit

I’m about to write a hit man
bout to write a hit

no I’m never gunna quit man
never gunna quit

I just took another hit man
took another hit

I’m about to lose my shit man
bout to lose my shit

does she have a fuckin wrist band
yea she needs that shit

better get her out real quick man
get her out real quick

are u the present or the future
are u a drinker or a boozer
are u a giver or a user
are you a winner or a loser
and I said that I would never back down
I swore that I would never fucking back down

Verse 2:

pass the bottle and the 5th man
bottle and the 5th

cuz I’m feeling like the shit man
feeling like the shit

yea her body’s like a gift man
body’s like a gift

cuz she’s lookin hella fit man
lookin hella fit

and I can’t always commit man
can’t always commit

pull a trigger on this shit man
trigger on this shit

cuz I feel I haven’t lived man
feel I haven’t lived

til I got nothing to miss man
got nothing to miss

Source by NEFFEX