Rains Of Kashmir

A Sanskrit adaptation of Rains of Castamere that makes a connection between the historical arc of Kashmir in 1947 and the destruction of Castamere in the GRR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire

Lead vocals, backing vocals (tenor), arrangement, mixing, mastering: @krishashok
Flutes, Backing vocals (Bass): @indian_music_fan

Lyrics by SP Suresh (https://twitter.com/vajrabhrt)

अथ कस्त्वम् कुतो वन्द्यः ?
मानी प्रभुरवादीत्
Who are you now, who deserves such respect (and obeisance)?
So said the proud Lord

उभावपि सिम्हौ रुचिरेव भिन्ना
इदमेव तथ्यं जानामि
We are both lions, only the sheen is different!
This is the truth that I know!

सुवर्णम् रक्तम् वा भवतु चर्म
नखाः समाना एव!
मम तु दीर्घास् तीव्राश्च
त्वदीयेभ्यस् तीव्रतराः
Let the skin (sheath) be gold or red,
the nails are similar!
Mine are long and sharp
Sharper than yours!

इत्यवोचत् इत्यवोचत्
So he said, so he said, the King of Kashmir

अद्य तु शून्या तत्सभा
Now his court is deserted
And there is a rain of tears in it

Source by Krish Ashok