Beamon – By The Berry Tree (produced by ChopGodLewi)

produced by: @chopgodlewi
mixing/mastering: @iamrellim


beamon lyrics –

ever since 5th grade
other kids was scared of me
now i’m by that berry tree
when smoke come out my nostrils
fena let the plot grow
six foot two
dreams come true
all yall sleep
fog on me
my claws gone swing
skinny beamon do em filthy
why they hell you wanna speak hoe
stop talking put the cash in my palms though
young beast mode ghosts in my call log
feeling distant i stay away from all of yall
feeling distant i stay away from all of yall
and i got pajamas on
young jack skeleton
i just want depression gone
you don’t love me?, get gone
you don’t want me, it’s okay but tell me how you feel
and she gone no texting back, guess you gone
show me how you feel
i can’t show her how i heal
the beamon been down never got up
i don’t like the drama
and i hate the liars
put me in some water
to put out my fire
all i think is lies
when they say they put out fire
hoody on in my city
still too cold
still too froze
what they gone do
they’ll never know

thank you for listening.

Source by BEAMON


Lyrics: (Translated below)

احكيلي بس لوين، رايحين احنا يا مان
عشان أقعد متيقن وأبطل تحليلات
قصص متداولة بتوهمنا من زمان
لهيك بستاهل كلشي بيصرلي زي أسمهان
بسرق قرارتي فاركض وراي ما بهرب قبضاي
ما عاد لي نفس أسرد القصة وأكتب الRhymes
طب شو اللي صار؟ قلي اه
تبع على أسلافي بتلاقيهن عم يتفوا بارز بسوق عكاظ
الفنون صايرة بس للأرباح
بعتبوا علينا بنموت وبنعس وهني قلبن مرتاح
لذلك بلقي بنشيدي وبمضي في سبيلي
عمدا لأخرس كل مين فينا بستهين
بتفوت وبتمل بتروح وبتحل
سطورك زي الصورة كلما نتعمق الجودة بتقل
.. صامد للأبد فراقب عن كثب
بعمل ميلودي قاتل للملل بس قابل للندم
مالي بالموت ولا بالحياة
جالية هون وجالية هناك
ولك بدناش إدارة Finance
الكزا ولاد شوارع القدر عطاها مايكات
كسبت برياحة بس سبت الموضات والTrends
مالك Credit بالساحة فرسالتك ما بترن
بدي أطلع فيروز بتقلي أمانة خليك
ولك احنا صرنا زنوج من التمانة وأربعين
هية الأعمال بالنية ولا صارت بالنيات
كيف متوقع تثقف وانت محاط بالأغبياء
شاعر حمار، تراكات للهظار

(You make demos but really don’t master the art)
ما ناقصني ضجة ولا جلبة
لازمني زيت ولكن عايف التنكة
في شعوب بيشتكوا انو مش حلو لون علمن
وأنا بطلت أعد كم حق انسلبت يازلمة
سدد بتجيب بدل الحزن بالفيتامين
اضحك عالفقر بحرف بتصير فقيه
شوف أبو القوافي وهو بيتأنق للنهاي
ارفع بعوص لكل مين بيقلك الراب هواي
مش عاوز XP، طز فيك وبالحسنات
شي هايل حطني عالSpeed dial
لأني بسكت امسيز زي ما بسكر مكالمات
… سلامات

(This translation’s purpose is to only transfer the equivalent meaning of the text and not to translate every single word/phrase individually)

Tell me just where to… are we going, man
So I can sit with my certainty and quite my contemplations
Traded stories delude us from long ago
that’s I deserve everything that happens to me like Asmahan

I steal my decisions so go after me
I won’t run (I’m) courageous
I don’t feel like telling the tales and writing the rhymes anymore

so what happened? (tell me huh?)
trace my ancestors and you’ll find ’em spitting bars in Souk Okaz

Art has become nothing but profits
they call us out for we are dying and suffering..
when their hearts are careless

Therefore, I sing my chant and I go on my path
on purpose, just to shut the mouths of those who underestimate us

you walk in, get bored
then leave, and fuck off
your lines are like a photo
the deeper we go, the quality lessens
(I’m) Resistant forever, so watch closely
I make a melody (which is) a boredom killer but still can be regrettable

I don’t know shit about life…
nor shit about death…
(a gathering here
and a gathering there)

We don’t want a finance management
Al-Kaza is just ghetto boys (that) fate gave them mics
I’ve won easily as soon as I left fashions and trends
(While) you don’t have any credit in the field so your message does not ring

I wanna leave (but) Fairouz keeps telling me please stay
We’ve been officially niggas ever since 1948
are good deeds done through good work or has it became like that over time?
how do you expect to educate when you’re surrounded by morons?

an idiot poet, tracks for bullshit,
(You make demos but really don’t master the Art)

The last thing I need is more noise or distortion
I need the oil but I’m sick of the container
there are people who complain about the colors of their flag
while I’m here counting how many rights I’ve been denied, man…

aim and you’ll succeed
replace sadness with vitamin
laugh at poverty with one letter and you’ll become a smartass

look at the master of rhymes while he’s shining till the end
raise a middle finger to whoever says rap is just a hobby
I don’t want the XP, fuck off, You and your Hasanat
(This is) something dope
put me on your speed dial
cause I shut MC’s up just like I hang up phone calls
Peace out

Source by RasuL | رَسول

Beamon – End Of October (produced by Madara TBH)


PRODUCED BY: @madara-tn
SONG BY: @thebeamon
MIXING BY: @iamrellim & myself

[beamon opening vocals]

wake up dead
broken lungs on the black lawn
everybody wanna rap
now tell them boys that they should stop
world got me seeings things
i’m feeling like the black swan
never dye my hair a million colors
it be blacked out

[beamon first verse]

ice god beamon
find his body where the snow be
hundred million red leaves
surround me while i’m in my clothes
broken microphones from my vocals
falling to the floor
hundred million clouds crying
while a ghost is in my soul
why they wanna see my fall
on my hands i got some claws
now i think i’m brother bear
in my bank i need some bands
my dad left me by myself
bitch what i ever did to you
i guess i was not enough
but these niggas can’t fuck with me

[beamon hook]

if i’m getting arrogant
then i tell her sorry
if i’m getting arrogant
then i tell her sorry
if i’m getting arrogant
then i tell her sorry
but this pain be in my soul
that’s why my conscious fucks with me

[beamon second verse]

hundred million black diamonds
falling when i’m on the mic
i ain’t never feel no love
so now i freeze and swing on my beats
yall color yall hair all these colors
i’m really grey and blue
my skinny body is so broken
i need to cover it
my hair long as the list of rappers
that got the people fooled
i associate with nobody
i’m where the wind is cruel
i find no love in the things yall love
maybe i am the fool

[beamon outro]

all these things in my mind
it hurts me we can’t relate
colors get to bursting
my body covers with flames
all these shades of pain
everythings eventually grey

Source by BEAMON