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Letters From Cleveland (prod. MadReal)

prod. MadReal
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Letters From Cleveland – LYRICS

Sometimes the location doesn’t matter that much
It’s more about what you feel
About what’s really inside
And about the way
That you let those people know
Instead of leaving them hanging in the dark
So this is for you

Mom was I a horror teen?
Understand I dared to dream when I was fourteen
It seemed you could’ve foreseen I force dreams
Wanted to get big though I was never little
Shoot for stars, don’t ever dribble
Take a year aside so I could get the middle
Born and grew up back in Germany like Dirk
Though mama means the world I was certainly a jerk
When I asked her if she let me go across the pond
A year abroad that’s cost a fortune almost cost our bond
See my mom lost all she had so she could keep her son
But in return when I grew up I made her feel I dreamed to run
Left her alone, let her mind endure it
To pay for my exchange she had to cash in her life insurance
It’s been the week before I left that momma looked at me and said
Since i see you want away from me im hooked to being sad
Only then I saw she thought that she was losing me
Please know i’ll always love you mom, but I just gotta keep improving me

I’ll never leave you
I’ll never leave you
I will never leave you
How could I ever leave you

Take a moment just to listen to the melody of life
If you asked me to describe it, man I couldn’t be precise
Cause the tunes that you be hearing, they on you man you decide
Whole atmosphere defined by how you live where you reside

I lived by Cleveland for my year abroad
Had two brothers and two parents who’d have ever thought
I’d know this feeling
Skyped with mom her wounds slowly healing
Could’ve ended as cheap labor, that’s what I been fearing
But my host fam better than I ever dreamed
Became rich over night at least so it seemed
House by the lake at school the studs were trying to meet the foreigners
Being famous made me feel i had more guts than the coroner
All these new friends, so many things to see
If you said i failed to stay in touch I probably wouldn’t disagree
Back home my friends were like “you never call, you never write
We keep growin apart you fraud so fuck your friends forever lies”
But i still loved you and I’d love to live those times with you
I couldn’t handle one life so I never was designed for two
I’m coming back tho with a laughing and a weeping eye
My fam saw I liked dreaming but they were the ones that let me fly


The farewell wasn’t easy when I left the states
But the fact that mom could see me after all the wait
did ease the pain
On the plane I thought bout what I’m sayin when I’d see her
“Hello mama I am back again it’s nice to be here”
Or “From now on I shall never leave ya”, try to be the sweetest
But when I arrived and saw her smile it left me speechless
My mom gave me more money than we ever had
Just so I could make this crazy journey while I made her sad
The amount of things I learned that year from doing me
Is essential for the path I steared the puerile got maturity
Plus don’t forget I do this with a handicap I’m German despite English rap
Every track does trace back to this language trip
But I also learned a concept that’s reality
I’ll happily tell you bout the value of the family
When I can I see my grandparents and my mom
Cause you ain’t just my family I also am your son


Source by Dare!!