We Are Alive! (Playlist 11)

You ever forget about yourself? You’re present – emotionally and physically – but not for yourself. There was a moment, a weeks-long moment, where I forgot about myself. I listened, I guided, I met expectations and deadlines, I broke down barriers, but not for myself. I asked others “how are you feeling?” but not to myself. I didn’t know that this was happening until I was drained. I had to let myself break down, in order for me to build myself up. No ones gonna take care of me like I can. I can’t take care of others unless I take care of myself first. I’ve been learning to keep more of me for me. I’ve been learning to love me better. I’ve been learning to focus on those who love me as much as I love them. This playlist is dedicated to self-love and to reminding myself that it’s okay to not be okay. I hope you enjoy! – Steve-Ography

1. Kendrick Lamar Intro
2. Doja Cat – BIBIO Like a Sundial (Cover)
3. Aloe Blacc – Come And Dub Me
4. Drew Howard & Birthday Boy – Benny & Lil’ Ze
5. H.E.R. – Facts
6. Mick Jenkins – Pressed for time (Crossed my mind) feat. GoldLink
7. Peyton – Sweet Honey
8. Tony Ozier – Nobody
9. Childish Gambino – Shadows (Acoustic)
10. Daniel Caesar – Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)
11. Musiq Soulchild – Newness
12. SZA – Doves In The Wind feat. Kendrick Lamar
13. Foisey. – yuhHolluh. feat. Wiz Khalifa
14. Illa J – DFTF
15. Deem Spencer – Fucked Up Flowers
16. Pool Cosby – A Poem Is A Hustle feat. Raekwon
17. Terrace Martin – Think Of You feat. Kamasi Washington and Rose Gold

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bbquest [remix]

So basically i saw bbquest on https://soundcloud.com/oliviaprado/ s soundcloud. And i thought it was fricking beautiful. She didn’t have the lyrics of it finished yet, but i just really wanted to cover it. So I switched up the lyrics and added lyrics. And also changed the melody a lil bit. This is what came out of it!

cool effects, mixing: https://soundcloud.com/halberd-3000
original: https://soundcloud.com/oliviaprado/bbquest
cover art: https://soundcloud.com/mysticalfluff

If ever it’s Over
If that’s what you’d want
I’d miss the feeling you give me
If ever it’s over
I’d miss you’re presence
it flows so nice like waves at the seas

1,2,3, I love you more
1,2,3, let me be more to you
1,2,3 I love you more
1,2,3 let me be more to you

I don’t want us to end
I’d miss your laugh
I’d miss the feeling you give me
I don’t want us to end
You’re my other half
So stay here, please
stay here please

1,2,3, I love you more
1,2,3, let me be more to you
1,2,3 I love you more
1,2,3 let me be more to you

Source by RYCE

Beamon – My Heart Falls Slow (produced by jvst x)

produced by: @datnigguhx
mixing/mastering: @iamrellim


(beamon lyrics)
she say what you on
such a far way from home
in a room full of people
but you always alone
bullets made of diamonds
shoot you
only way you shining
i been so gone ain’t nothing to give me life
oh yall got it wrong aim something at your life
depressed with this knife
my flesh made of fire
be my valentine
i go off in her pink water
and then it make me drown
my heart falls slow
i be off in my zone
throw some polo on
i need louis vuitton
for all the pain yall caused
now its my time to flex
level up on my ex
evil thoughts in my head
i be off in the woods
i’m just a lost soul
one day i might be good
i’m just a lost soul
one day i might be good
i’m just a lost soul
one day i might be good
ay my sweater full of rain
ice falls with snow
i ain’t do this for no fame
i spent hours alone
i don’t need no praise
beamon harder than these rappers
i got on my knees
prayed and god started laughing
what’s this life
what’s this world
i’m sad and out of place
yall don’t love me
fuck it
i would rather be erased
baby blue diamonds
pink sweaters smoke falling
and i ain’t got no beef with yall
i put my ghost on em
all i need is some belief
and i could share it with you
and i could put this world inside my hands
my care is in it
and i’m usually in dreams musically i’m king
i got this castle
spirits in it like beauty and beast
i get to painting
feel like disney back in 93
i was barely born
now i’m a bear on em
no hands just claws
too rare for em
i was making songs
i was in the house
i was making songs
i wasn’t going out
it was me
by my lonely
yall were phony
nah don’t ever phone me
i’m honest
pink water on me
i’m anxious
i mean i’m anxious
this is heartbreaking
for me to say


Source by BEAMON

JUST BEGUN. AquaStoneThrone

JUST BEGUN produced by the Throne

Only Greatness OVER HERE.
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