LLLL ‘魔法’ [New EP – Out July 7th]

@LLLLTokyo ‘魔法’
off the EP “Chains Phase 3” – Out July 7th

“Chains” is the 12-month project of LLLL.

A new chain will be released the 1st Friday of every month for the duration of one entire year.

A compiled EP will be released on the day of every 3rd chain.
The entire project will be split into 4 individual phases.

Listen to the 2nd EP “Remain” here:


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Artwork by Houxo Que




Source by ZOOM LENS

Faded Factory (Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country)

Download the Album ▶▶▶ http://tnywvs.bandcamp.com

Tiny Waves teams up to bring you a Donkey Kong remix album like no other: everything about “Dank EP” is a meme… except for the music.

@Glenntai ▶ http://twitter.com/Glenntai
Released by @tinywaves ▶ http://twitter.com/tnywvs
Published by @materiacollective ▶ http://materiacollective.com
Artwork by TronBonneArt ▶ http://bit.ly/TronTwitch ▶ http://bit.ly/TronTwitter
Directed by @bbriggsmusic & @djroborob ▶ http://twitter.com/bbriggsmusic
Mastered by @djroborob ▶ http://twitter.com/djroborob

I hope you dig my first public foray into Synthwave! Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more like this in the future. ♥

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Glenntai is a musician specializing in electronic music that uses obsolete computers along with modern technology to make solo albums and video game soundtracks. He’s best known for his contributions to the Chiptune community; an international, underground community that focuses on sound design and music composition on old, obsolete hardware for their unique sounds. You might have caught his performances at PAX East, MAGFest and other shows across the Midwest and Eastern border of the United States.

Source by Glenntai

LLLL ‘Visions of the Sacred Heart’ [Infinity Shred ‘Choir VI’ Remix]

Remix of Infinity Shred’s ‘Choir VI’ by LLLL
New Infinity Shred remix LP “Even Further” – Out May 9th, 2017

Check Infinity Shred, Meishi Smile & Thought Tempo on the “Even Further” tour May 15th – 20th! Tickets/dates at http://zoom-lens.org/evenfurthertour.html





Artwork by Brian Vu



Source by ZOOM LENS


instagram: @pr0files
twitter: @pr0files

premiered: https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/new-music/discovery/money-pr0files

Written, Recorded, & Mixed by Pr0files
Mastered by Jared Hirshland – http://jaredhirshland.com/

Source by Pr0files

Flux Pavilion feat. Cammie Robinson – Pull the Trigger (WacoFade x STUFTKRUST Remix)

Our winning entry to the Flux Pavilion Pull the Trigger remix contest.
Thank you for all the love and support. This is just the start.


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Download for free on The Artist Union: https://theartistunion.com/tracks/457f30

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LLLL ‘Seal’ (feat. Yeule) [off the EP “Remain” – Out Now]

@LLLLTokyo ‘Seal’ (feat. @Yeule)
off the EP “Chains Phase 2: Remain” – Out Now

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/gk0m73
Apple: http://smarturl.it/4za5mc
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/bkoxu4

“Chains” is the 12-month project of LLLL.

A new chain will be released the 1st Friday of every month for the duration of one entire year.

A compiled EP will be released on the day of every 3rd chain.
The entire project will be split into 4 individual phases.


SoundCloud: @lllltokyo
Spotify: smarturl.it/51omkx
Twitter: twitter.com/lllltokyo

Facebook: facebook.com/yeulemusic/
SoundCloud: @Yeule

Artwork by Tetsushi Tsuruki




Source by ZOOM LENS

Bare My Soul

“…like an echo of a classic film soundtrack, [EmpathyTest] wouldn’t sound out of place snaking into the soundtrack of Netflix series Stranger Things’ second season.” – The Line of Best Fit

Empathy Test is London-based electronic music duo Isaac Howlett (vocals) and Adam Relf (production). Currently performing their unique brand of emotive, ‘80s tinged synth pop across Europe with the help of Christina Lopez (drums) and Jacob Ferguson Lobo (keyboards), they have previously shared stages with everyone from The Japanese House to Bombay Bicycle Club. Following the success of ‘Seeing Stars’ and ‘By My Side’, Empathy Test are now set to drop new single ‘Bare My Soul’.

‘Bare My Soul’ perfectly showcases the childhood friends’ brooding, cinematic sound. Pulsating analogue synthesizers, combined with a staggered drumbeat and rolling toms, drive the track to a dazzling, euphoric chorus. Isaac’s sombre vocals meanwhile, provide snapshots of poignant moments in his formative years, from a friend’s early critique of his “deep and meaningful” song writing, to the death of a girlfriend’s father.

“’Bare My Soul’ is literally about doing just that; baring one’s soul. Isaac was initially inspired by a radio documentary he heard about Kurt Cobain, in which someone said, “[Kurt] had this ability to…bare his soul, in a way that no one else could”. The music mirrors that feeling of release when you finally get things off your chest, moving from the dark, suffocating tightness of the verses into the bright, open space of the choruses. The people in the song; Stephen, Blythe, Cassandra and Sophie, are all real people that Isaac encountered growing up” – Empathy Test

With this release, Empathy Test once again demonstrate an effortless ability to translate the atmospherics of classic sci-fi soundtracks into an accessible contemporary pop structure and combine it with confessional lyrics that cut right to the core. Scheduled to arrive on the 21st April, ‘Bare My Soul’ kicks off a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the self-release of Empathy Test’s debut album on the 23rd June.

Empathy Test | Bare My Soul Lyrics

Stephen said why not write something
That’s not so deep and meaningful?
But the truth can be so,
Tragic and beautiful.

Blythe said she could never
Tell anyone just how she feels.
How will anyone know when,
She caves in and it all gets real?

I want to bare my soul –
In a way that no one can.
In the hope that
some of you might understand
How it feels
To be so alone.
To be so alone.
To be so alone.

Cassandra said she’d lost the plot
When she stopped the car to drop me off.
I watched her disappear
Her face reflected in the rear-view mirror.

Sophie woke me in the dead of night
To tell me how her dad had died.
I lie here in the dark but,
Now there’s nowhere left to hide.

Source by Empathy Test