Đường Đêm – Tùng Juynky

Composer | Nguyen Hoang Dung
Recording Studio | Tano Studio
Mixing Engineer | Toan Vu
Mastered by | Toan Vu @ Tano Studio
Photographer | Soi Quang Khan Do
Art Work & Painting | Minh Hoa Cam Xuc
Graphic Design | Nguyen Minh Hoang

Tung Juynky Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/tungjuynky
Tung Juynky Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/tung_juynky_2992

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Babyboi Bring It Back Breakbeat Live Set #2

The second live stream of my favorite breakbeat songs!
Babyboi Bring It Back Live Set #2 recorded on Facebook Live.
Here is the original broadcast!

Babyboi Bring It Back Breakbeat Live Set #2 PT2

Babyboi Bring It Back Live Set #2 Please Like DJ Babyboi Music for future sets 👻: djbabyboi IG: djbabyboiStream/Download:https://soundcloud.com/djbabyboi/babyboi-bring-it-back-live-set-2

Geplaatst door DJ Babyboi Music op donderdag 18 mei 2017

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Catchy pitched vocalstabs combined with melodic and dark synthesizers that are flattered by a heavy wobble bass in the hook. The dropdown part tries to impart a feeling of new chances.
I hope you like this one – leave your comments below! 🙂

And as always i made a video for the song for my #videomonday series. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-Vscmpe_Fg

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Ghosts (feat. meseta)

Vocals: @meseta
Art: twitter.com/unluckyyona
I started this last month and I wasn’t sure if I’d end up making something out of it. But I’m happy it ended up like this.
HUGE thanks to meseta for the great vocals too! They made this song into something much more meaningful.
Also thank you all so much for 2k followers, I have a whole bunch of music coming soon too!

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