Various Artists – digital Sampler [DRR010]

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Under the Motto: ” Too many good tracks ” , I decided to change my mind & release something “only digital” aswell.
This is the Dream Raw Recordings Various Artists Collection of 2017.
Including artists from your daily dose & totally unknown artists at which light should shine now.
Some of them will be later released on vinyl, most of them will stay digital!
36 tracks from 36 different artists, from classy dreamy pads, emotional detuned lofi pianos, over Edits & hot!!!! tape recorded acid jams, to mellow raw House tracks.
Also a few breakbeats & amens with jungle themes in it !
Top Secret Hint for all those who are curious about, which artists got the sickest acid, the rawest pad, or most groovy edit.

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Yellow Bird | San Miguel

We are moving towards the longest day of the year! The summer solstice invites to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and our fellow human beings.

For this spiritual season, we are pleased to welcome San Miguel on board. His music is free from rules, which creates unique tracks for labels like Talavera, Pipe & Pochet, Souq, Casa Caos, Cosmic Awakenings, Orient Art and more.

San Miguel is also behind the Berlin record label Phonothek Records as well as the Einfach Liebe collective.

This Yellow Bird will reach previously dormant layers of your heart, it’s a journey around the world, bringing all in and giving all out. And all in the mission of love!

Today we take it down a gear and connect with the Moment and San Miguel.

The barkeepers

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San Miguel:


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انغام – بكره أحلى | اغنية بيت الزكاه المصري – رمضان ٢٠١٧

شكر خاص لتبرع جميع النجوم وصانعي العمل كلمات: أمير طعيمه | الحان: هشام جمال | توزيع: مادي | مكساج و ماستر: طارق مدكور جيتار: روكيت تلوين: عبد الرحمن محمد مونتاج: ريم الحليل اخراج: هشام جمال شكر خاص: لينا المصري

Source by Omar Sayed

KYBL 031 // Mona_L



Mona_L was born in a family of music teachers and music was always with her. Сlassic, opera, funk, rock, house, all musical styles… Two and a half years ago, after a major car accident she understood that life is short and wanted to be closer to music. She decided to learn DJing and then music production. Mona_L is her first project which began with deep house and tech house. Over time she met with the Leveldva community in Moscow, with Geju, LDS, Jati Div and they introduced her to the downtempo chillrave music world. Thus KA.Tune project was born with more ethnic multicultural music.

Mona_L’s creative message and philosophy are simple: to create and share the mood of her heart. Her sets are of course about love. Love for this world, love for her friends. Everyday she learns something new in music and meets wonderful people from around the world. These days she is producing her own tracks which she will release soon.


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